mercredi 29 août 2012


The country of smile... Many times, I have heard this sentence about Thailand. I understand now all the meaning. So true !
Collector coconut

I met this monk in a "wat" (temple) at Kho Phangan. He was totally alone and we spoke during 2 hours. During my second travel in Thailand, I returned to talk with him about life, the sense of it, the humanity, the love and the Love. It was a very beautiful meeting and sometimes I rethink about it. I remind of his sentence "Don't be afraid and live in truth". 

Thank you for this intense and wonderful meeting and this beautiful exchange. That made my day!
Meeting with a lovely elephant
Every days, I had my breakfast with this wonderful sea view 

Kho Phi Phi

My cute model on the boat to go to Kho Phangan
Lovely meeting with an elephant


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